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Spectacular OO Gauge

April 21, 2013 video gives new meaning to the idea of a model railroad in the basement.


Train Movie

March 27, 2013

You’ll find the script to this 1954 movie to be almost unbearably boring. However, the reward in watching will be shots of a Rock Island Rocket, Seaboard centipedes, Santa Fe warbonnets, PRR Erie builts, mail crane for the Wabash Blue Bird, and a feast of great railroad images. Enjoy!

Double Headed Steam Cab Ride

February 27, 2013

Here’s an interesting video of a climb from Unaderra to Robertson on a railway in New South Wales, Australia.

Japanese Cab Ride

February 19, 2013

I was forwarded this video by a friend, and because I was more interested in the hand signals being made by the engineer, I did not notice one little thing.

The “little thing” is the fact that this is a cab ride in a computer simulator that represents a Japanese Class D51 steam engine.  Aircraft pilots often talk about the fact that the planes fly more like simulators and that the simulators fly more like planes, but this is taking things to new heights.

Another Great Cab Ride

February 5, 2013

We may be repeating ourselves but here’s another opportunity to be mesmerized in the cab, Gatwick to Victoria Station.

Double-headed Berks

February 2, 2013

What could be better than an Iron Horse? Two, of course. This is a great promotion for the who production. .


January 18, 2013

Brighton to Blackfriars

January 10, 2013

If you want to view the trip in the opposite direction…look here.

Blackfriars to Brighton

January 8, 2013

Here is a mesmerizing video leaving London on the Thameslink on a trip to Brighton from the train operators point of view. While the going is slow at first navigating through the interlockings, it picks up to 90 mph on powered third rail running as an express most of the distance. You’ll notice a chime sounds in the cab about 100 yards before passing a signal. The train frequency is enough to make a U.S. rail fan weep for what it used to be like on our shores. The man who posted this video, Darren Cafferty, has more videos here.

A Real Train in the Basement!

January 8, 2013

I’ve had some pleasant discoveries on the Web in the last few days. If I didn’t have an HO layout under construction in my basement, I would want to build something like this. Relax in your own coach anyone?