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May 30, 2011

While reading the Rapido newsletter I followed a link to VIA RAIL. Wow! I think it’s the best transportation website I’ve ever visited. You can even click on links for the equipment used on trains and see a 360 degree view of accommodations including coaches, sleepers, diners and lounges. Follow the link and enjoy an experience that puts AMTRAK to shame!


The Canadian

May 30, 2011

The Budd-built Canadian, the transcon of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, may well qualify as one of the most beautiful trains that ever polished rails. Now it will be a beautiful model in HO scale. Rapido is bringing it to market later this year and you can read about its development in their current newsletter. While I model the Pennsylvania Railroad, with brief appearances by the Reading Railroad and the Western Maryland, this is a train I would own purely for the display value.

At It Again: Kalmbach

May 26, 2011

True to form, I received an email from Model Railroader featuring a picture of a Union Pacific streamliner framed inside a video screen with a “Play” button in the middle and a scrollbar at the bottom to track the elapsed time. But, click on the center arrow or the one in the scrollbar and you’re taken to a web page with a static image, not the video. Of course, even though I buy every issue at my favorite hobby shop, “I’m not a subscriber” in Kalmbach’s petty little world. They must think all the NFL fans in America are eager to get into model railroading and, if they don’t put up a firewall, those millions will come and steal their stuff!