High Speed Rail


I’m all for progress but the current Administration is living in a world of delusional fantasies as it tries to promote high speed rail corridors. I don’t want to turn this blog into a political rant but us rail fans can be effective voices for a rational approach. We know that railroad transportation worked in a world where cities had centers, where you could get off a long distance train and board a bus, subway, taxi or streetcar to get to your final destination. No more. Outside the Northeast Corridor there are few such options. Imagine if Florida spent billions for you to park your car at a Tampa terminal, board a high speed train, and blast over to Orlando at 200 mph. You get off the train and… then what? You are not anywhere near your destination. Are you going to waste money on renting a car now?

Here’s a take on the situation in California from a respected conservative journal. Our legislators should take heed before they parcel out billions more.



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