The World’s Largest Model Railroad?


It seems like a bull session either got out of hand or is the precursor to a spectacular model railroad. According to the narrative in the news section of this website a handful of people standing around in a hobby shop in South Carolina incubated the idea of the “larges, most technically advanced, HO scale model railroad in North America.” Their great ambitions include accurate models of the Spencer Shops in Greenville to Union Station in Washington, Penn Station and Grand Central in New York, the Horseshoe Curve, the Cascade Tunnel and lots of other sites dear to railfans. We can all say “good luck” and monitor their progress.


One Response to “The World’s Largest Model Railroad?”

  1. Chuck Lytle Says:

    I have a 2004 MR featuring a pike of most of the Northern Division of the PRR plus the Reading. Caught my eye because they claimed it was the largest HO pike ever built. Having grown up in Sunbury, PA in a house about 30 yards from the Mt Carmel branch, I was interested in how the pike “worked.” No well, in my opinion.

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