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Railroad for Sale

September 16, 2010

Buy a house in Marin County, California, and get a railroad you can ride around the property. The story is here.


Kalmbach Continues to Offend

September 16, 2010

The “Model Railroader” e-newsletter arrived in my in box this afternoon. The lead item — “Video: learn how to install static grass on your layout.” This interests me so I logged into my MR account to get — a static picture and a brief description. As before, I have to “subscribe” to get premium content. I support my local hobby shop by buying “Model Railroader” and “Trains” every month. Do you understand that Kalmbach? I AM A SUBSCRIBER! Are you really worried that legions of internet users are going to come along and steal your intellectual property on static grass and harm you economically? If you knew anything about marketing with the web you would use this content to link to the magazine in useful ways and thereby drive circulation. Enterprises that live behind walls don’t work in the hobby business. “Mad” magazine carried its editors and writers on its masthead as “The Usual Gang of Idiots.” Maybe this motto fits your business model. If you need some fresh ideas, just let me know!