Foreign Motive Power


A lot of foreign locomotives reflect the character of their home countries. German electrics are the penultimate in engineering and design. The Chinese had mainline steam locomotives until recently.  And, of course, the home built back shop critters appeal to my peculiar tastes. At the same time, a lot of American technology has found its way around the world.  Consider the Belgian Class 204:

Belgian Class 204 and second unit

Looks Euro on the outside, but inside beats the heart of an Electro-Motive Diesel design, the 567.  It’s just a little weird when you are standing on the platform at Liege waiting for a train and what sounds like a Seaboard GP-7 winds up and pulls off, looking like that.

So, let me introduce you to the GM-22, another American design that has found its way out into the world:

Argentine G22

Argentine G22, photo by Alejandro Goldemberg

Built under license by ASTARSA, the G22 looks a little more like our kind of locomotive, but when you listen, it beats the pure heart of an SW1500.  Which is to say, a 12-cylinder 645E diesel engine; that’s 645 cubic inches, per cylinder.  I like SW1500’s:


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One Response to “Foreign Motive Power”

  1. Don Coker Says:

    Wow, that’s just crazy!! What a ride!

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