Date Mystery


It’s great that there are old PRR documentary films available on YouTube. However, one of the best (aside from the hokey beginning) is “Clear Track Ahead.” It is labelled as a 1956 newsreel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The star locomotive is a T1. In fact, there are scenes from Altoona’s erecting shops of a T1 under construction and in the test plant. By 1956 all the T1s were in storage or cut up. Many of the featured passenger trains sport the Raymond Lowey “Fleet of Modernism” paint scheme. The only indication that the film was post WWII is the presence of a passenger train led by E7s passing what may be Banks tower on the Middle Division. It looks like the copyright date is 1946. Does anyone know any information about the release date associated with this production? You can see the movie here.


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