Budd RDCs


Here’s a documentary film from 1952 about Budd’s Rail Diesel Cars. I remember seeing the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines RDCs at Wildwood, New Jersey, when I was a child on vacation with my family. Later, during high school, when I lived in Newton, Massachusetts, I rode the Boston & Albany (as the locals insisted on calling the New York Central) from the Newtonville station into Boston to explore the city. The RDCs had a distinctive “voice,” a sound I still hear clearly in my auditory memory. They were also very comfortable to ride compared to most of the commuter coaches of the era. The suburban trains on the B & A were old coaches and the RDCs held the off rush hour timetables. This movie, like many industrial documentaries of the 50s, doesn’t get around to its subject until three and a half minutes into the film but it’s worth the wait. You’ll see the RDCs in operation on every railroad that owned them, I think.


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