PRR Passenger Car Roster


Another fortuitous find thanks to a post in a Yahoo Group. Here is a comprehensive roster of Pennsylvania Railroad passenger equipment including links to photos of some of the equipment. Here is Birch Falls, a 6 double bedroom bar lounge car, class PS6LB.

Birch Falls

I rode in this car or one of its sisters on “The Pittsburgher” from Philadelphia to Harrisburg. I had gone east from Harrisburg with my uncle, P.E. Gamber, on “The Juniata.” He let me pull the signal cord from a coach vestibule at Harrisburg. What a thrill for a young teen to signal a GG1 to start my train! As we walked down the platform at 30th Street my uncle pointed out the business car at the end of the train. “The Pittsburgher” was still an all Pullman train. He said, “there’ll be no delays tonight and no fooling around with loading the mail at a leisurely pace.” Sure enough, we departed right on time and carded into Harrisburg right on the money. Another great memory from that trip is indelible. I rode the rear vestibule of “The Juniata” along the mainline unaware that the swirling end-of-train dust was slowly blackening my face and clothing. After we departed Paoli we crossed over to number two track and soon paced a train of MP54s on their run into Suburban Station. Our speed was about ten miles per hour faster as the train was accelerating out of a station. Soon it was almost keeping pace as I was looking at the motorman behind his owl eye window. Suddenly, with a great rush of wind and noise, one of Pennsy’s ex-Great Northern electrics, rushed by on three track hauling a long train of ore cars. The MP54s started to drop behind as it slowed for its next station about the time I was watching the markers on the cabin fade into the western night. If I wasn’t already a foaming rail fan that moment would have done it!


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One Response to “PRR Passenger Car Roster”

  1. Jeanne Rudolph Perry Says:

    This railroader’s daughter and lover of all things railroad got chills just reading this. My dad, Edward E. Rudolph was a brakeman/flagman on The Pittsburgher off and on. Sometimes he’d get “bumped” but then soon he’d have that run again…Pittsburgh to Altoona. God! Those were the days! Sometimes I would accompany him just for fun. I’ll never forget that. I was so proud of my daddy and I knew he was the very best trainman on the Pennsy!!

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