Sleeping Car Mystery


In the post War years Norfolk and Western acquired sleeping cars from Budd. Each one was named for an online college or university. I rode in a roomette on Randolph Macon College on one of my trips with my Uncle Paul. (See earlier posts). Sleeping Car March 8, 2009

But here’s a mystery. One of these Budd-built cars was named for Hollins College.

Hollins College 1
The earmarks of a Budd-built car are clearly visible. However, I’ve run across two photos of “Hollins College” on the Web. Given the roof line, the end rivets, this is clearly a Pullman-Standard sleeping car. Does anyone know how this came to be?


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4 Responses to “Sleeping Car Mystery”

  1. Riley Says:

    I love a good mystery! Here’s what I found at

    In the lightweight passenger car document, there were two cars named Hollins College. The first one, the Budd car, was built in December 1949, was later converted to a Pennsylvania 72-seat coach. Six of the N&W “County” series cars and five of the college series cars were converted in January, 1964 by the PRR. The second Hollins College appeared on the property in 1973, being the former Western Sunset car of the Wabash. The four Wabash “Western” series cars were 12 – 4’s built by American Car & Foundry (which had similar construction to the Pullman-Standard cars), and one is listed as being sold to the Union Pacific.

    No telling why the N&W decided to get back into the sleeping car business, but it may have been for a special train.

  2. Riley Says:

    And, upon sufficient reflection, the Hollins College car name mystery is not the only example of duplicate names for lightweight streamlined cars. Likewise, there were two cars named “Dartmouth College”. Both were 6-6-4’s and both ran in the Texas – Colorado corridor. I rode one of the Dartmouth College’s in1961 from Dallas to Trinidad, Colorado, operating in the “other” train on the Fort Worth & Denver, Colorado & Southern line. The main train was the Texas Zephyr. As with the Hollins College cars, there is no explanation as to the duplication of names.

  3. Jim Fellows Says:

    The B&M renamed to Beach named sleepers to Dartmouth College I and Dartmouth College II. Both ended up being sold to the CN and renamed into the Green series

  4. Ken Towler Says:

    The original Hollins College was the Budd car the second Hollins College is the former Wabash Western series sleeper. The car wasn’t used for public sleeper service but for N&W now NS business trains.

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