Rules and Speeds


cumberland-valley-scanHere’s another document my Uncle used to study the rules and speed limits governing trains 645 and 638. This is equivalent to an employees timetable for this branch of the railroad. Note the speed limit through Shippensburg. The six miles per hour running was required because the railroad ran down through the middle of a street. Note the branch featured spring switches, something that would never be found on the main line. Today, one can drive on Interstate 81 between Harrisburg and Hagerstown in about fifty minutes. It’s interesting to think that passengers once settled for a slow speed ride through the night at an average speed about thirty miles per hour. I want to find out more about hand operated switches connected to block signals. Perhaps a knowledgeable operator can weigh in on that. Does it mean that a switch thrown by hand actually changes the aspect of the signal?


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One Response to “Rules and Speeds”

  1. Jim Says:

    On the speeds of the Train, you have to remember one thing and that is before the building of I-81. It used to take a long time to go down Rt. 11, a 2 lane highway that went down through every town along the way. It used to take 45 minutes to an hour just to go from Hagerstown south to Martinsburg which is roughly 22 miles.

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